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Odoo Live Chat is the perfect solution to provide efficient and real-time support to your website visitors, ensuring an outstanding customer support experience no matter who you are talking to.

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Answer questions, nurture leads, and solve problems instantly

With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Odoo Live Chat empowers your team to engage with website visitors, address queries, and nurture leads in real time. Whether you're looking to boost customer satisfaction or enhance your team's efficiency, Odoo Live Chat is the solution that bridges the gap between you and your audience, fostering meaningful connections at every click.

Live chatApp
Live chatApp

Never miss a message again

Receive notifications and open a chat window no matter what Odoo app you are working in. Your conversations follow you across the database so you will never miss a chance to connect.


Help is just a click away

Turn conversations into support tickets instantly without losing track of the important details. When a live chat operator runs into an issue that requires some investigation, they can create a Helpdesk ticket right from the chat window. And that entire chat history? It moves right over with the new ticket.

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Turn “visitor” into “customer”

Convert website visitors into potential sales with just a few keystrokes. As a visitor engages with your website, the live chat enables instant communication, allowing your team to promptly address inquiries and provide personalized assistance. These interactions can then be captured and transformed into leads within the CRM app, ensuring no potential business opportunity slips through the cracks.

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Share information and make connections
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Meet Chatbot, your new teammate

From creating Helpdesk tickets to answering customer questions, the Odoo Chatbot is poised to be your most versatile employee! This intelligent virtual assistant is designed to provide instant responses and support round-the-clock. Say goodbye to long response times and hello to efficient automation!

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Canned responses

Replace frequently used messages with simple shortcuts.

Search for tickets

Look for existing Helpdesk tickets matching a customer issue without leaving the chat window.

Multi channel management

Create multiple channels to customize conversations depending on the area of your website, or to manage requests for different teams.

3rd Party Integration

Enable Live Chat on a website created outside of Odoo in just a few simple steps.

Rate and analyze performance

Use customer feedback to monitor satisfaction and team performance.

Send chat requests

Initiate conversations with website visitors in real time, based on their browsing activity.

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From what I have seen so far, Odoo solved or at least helped the situation of every information/workflow related problem we threw at it…I could not think of any business function not covered by Odoo and it is done with elegance; there is no limit to what can be done with it.

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